Seven Fine Gems supports Project Rescuing Citizen

On this last Sunday, June 27, the belt exam of students participating in the Project Rescuing Citizen was carried out at the Marçal Tiger academy, which has the support of Seven Fine Gems and Consórcio Garantia.

During the event, we counted on the participation of businessman Douglas Neves, CEO of the company Seven Fine Gems, who in addition to participating in the assessment table and delivering certificates to students, also changed belts, being graduated with a brown belt.

In all, 5 students promoted the Gray belt, which symbolizes a technical evolution compared to the white belt.

The belt exam represents the beginning of Taekwondo learning, where the student who is without knowledge will have the first contact with art and its basic principles, such as: discipline, respect, courtesy, humility, perseverance and self-control.

It should be noted that all necessary and recommended measures were taken against Covid-19.